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Skin Consultation Q & A

Skin Consultation Q & A

May 23, 2022

Vivienne Molloy

Are you using the correct skincare routine for your skin type? Or do you consistently have the same skin concerns and feel whatever you do is not helping? 

The Kelly Clinic can offer you an expert in-depth analysis of your skin and devise a skincare routine of the best products or treatments for your skin type to achieve optimum skin health. A Skin Consultation by one of our trained Aesthetic Therapists can tailor a routine to treat any skin concern that you may have, such as Ageing Skin, Pigmentation, Skin Discoloration, Sun Damage, Acne, Dry Skin, Dull Skin, Rosacea, Sun Spots, or Red Veins. 

What does a Skin Consultation involve?

A trained Aesthetic Therapist will ask you about any specific skin concerns, current products you use and desired results. After an analysis of your skin, treatments or products with particular active ingredients for your skin type will be recommended and a skincare routine will be tailored for you. 

The Kelly Clinic is under the guidance of consultant plastic surgeon, Prof. Jack Kelly so you can trust that you will be given the best recommendations and you will be referred to Prof. Kelly if necessary.


How long does a Skin Consultation take?

A Skin Consultation generally takes 30 minutes in a private suite at The Kelly Clinic, Bons Secours. 

How much is a Skin Consultation?

A Skin Consultation costs €50 which is redeemable against any products or treatments that you may purchase at The Kelly Clinic.  However, there is no obligation to purchase any of the products or treatments recommended for you. 

What skincare brands do you recommend?

The Kelly Clinic recommends SkinCeuticals, an advanced skincare line backed by science and ZOSkinHealth, a medical grade skincare line. 

Do I need to prepare for the Skin Consultation?

No, we will have an informal chat about your current skincare routine but you are welcome to bring in any current products that you are using.

Arrive with a cleansed face if possible or we can cleanse it on arrival.

Click here to book a Skin Consultation and start the journey to your best skin health!